Dear Friends,

My actual Blog pages have been out of commission since April 24, although you have been seeing my blogs on my Facebook page where all the action is. So my blog is missing a whole whack of entries.

From here, you can go to my Facebook page by clicking on this:


Thank you.

I am so sorry if you tried to read me here and couldn’t.

You can read back blogs on Facebook.

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I am a former journalist, editor, teacher, traveller, and courier. My book CHASING A BUTTERFLY is now available at FriesenPress.com/bookstore. I have had many feature articles and fiction stories published, and currently my work is in several poetry anthologies. I have a university degree in English and Journalism, and a university-issued teacher's certificate. Recently I was a judge in the 6th Rabindranath Tagore Award - International English Poetry Competition - 2017.

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